As the COVID19 pandemic continues to unfold, your customers and staff will be looking to you for answers. Here are our top tips for communicating in a time of crisis.

1.    Don’t wait

When so much is uncertain, it’s tempting to wait before you communicate. But one of the maxims of crisis management is to communicate early and often. By staying silent, you’re allowing the conversation to take place without you – which is when speculation and rumour can take hold.

2.    Know your audience

What are your customers and staff most worried about: Accessing services? Losing money? Staying healthy? Keeping their job? Different segments will have different needs, so make sure you have a clear understanding of who you’re talking to and craft the message to match.

3.    Be transparent

As long as you explain why, your customers and staff will understand that you don’t yet have all the answers. Be clear and direct in your messages. Let them know you’ll keep them up-to-date – and be honest about unpalatable truths. Remember, a little bit of empathy and understanding will go a long way.

4.    Stay in touch

By continuing to keep your customers and staff informed as the situation evolves, you establish yourself as a trusted voice in an uncertain world. Keep communicating to them throughout the crisis, even if there’s not much change. Stay true to your brand and tone of voice to provide consistency and reassurance during an uncertain time.

5.    Be ready for the rebound

We all know this situation will end at some point – so you need to be ready. Your priorities may change, with projects deferred or adapted and new initiatives introduced that reflect the new normal. Your communications plan needs to be designed so you’re positioned to resume business as usual when the crisis is over.

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