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Since launching in 1997, BPAY has grown to become Australia’s most popular bill payment service, processing around 30 million transactions a month for 44,000 businesses through more than 150 financial institutions.

But in 2014, the team at BPAY knew the brand’s online presence hadn’t kept pace with its rapid growth. Not only was their web site becoming quickly out of date, it wasn’t meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse audience.

So they engaged Crafted and Adrenaline Media to rebuild their web site from the ground up, with fresh new branding, e-learning support, dedicated content for a range of key audiences, and more.

The challenge for the project team was to create a consistent online experience while satisfying the needs of five very different user groups. Our objective: to create a web site as easy and intuitive to use as BPAY itself.

The strategy

The design and UX team created a visually rich, wide-form layout, featuring fluid navigation leading users to targeted content, depending on their needs. Then the team from Crafted stepped in to bring the design to life, developing punchy, engaging copy that met the needs of disparate user groups, from individual bill payers to institutions.

We also partnered with Adrenaline to script and refine e-learning and training videos for both business and personal users. And we worked with the BPAY marketing team and business stakeholders to steer the copy through to final sign-off — ensuring it was compliant, not legalistic.

The result

The result is an innovative digital experience tailored to the needs of BPAY’s diverse users and stakeholders. The site not only achieved all of the project’s objectives, it was also a finalist in the Best Financial Services category in the 2014 AIMIA Awards.

Here’s what BPAY’s Head of Marketing had to say about our role:

“BPAY had to rebuild its web site, which services not only consumers, but small businesses and large institutional clients … Stephen and his team did a fantastic job of creating a site that had a consistent tone and also meet the requirements of our diverse audience. The process was seamless from brief to final copy.

I can highly recommend their services, they understand the requirement immediately at the briefing stage and the output is always at high standard, making life in the marketing department just that much easier.”

— Louise Genge, Head of Marketing, BPAY Group

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