CONTENT | Sharing CommBank’s retail insights

The challenge

CommBank’s Retail Insights report is a new initiative designed to reinforce the bank’s leadership in the retail space. As Australia’s largest merchant services provider and a leading card issuer, CommBank has access to an impressive database of transactional data. For the report, that was supplemented by a wide-ranging quantitative survey of retailers across Australia.

The challenge for the project team was to transform this uniquely rich dataset into actionable business insights, driving client engagement and creating a point of difference for the bank.

The strategy

In partnership with CommBank’s retail specialists and communications team, we analysed the data in depth and identified a range of key messages for specific client communications. That enabled us to develop a detailed report, digital content, infographics, messages for social amplification and supporting content.

We worked with the bank’s subject matter experts to perfect each piece of content, ensuring that it was well targeted, insightful, concise and compliant. By working collaboratively with key stakeholders in a series of fast iterations, we were able to progress rapidly to sign off, ensuring that the data remained fresh.

The result

The report was promoted online, by press release, and in a series of events around the country, generating significant publicity in the industry and general press, and increasing client engagement across the sector. Just as importantly, it created a talking point for business bankers and relationships executives to start meaningful conversations with their retail clients, building stronger relationships for the future.

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Client: Commonwealth Bank

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